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According to the treatment or technique chosen enjoy various sensations. That's why in Spa Hotel Vila de Caldes we have proposed that youo will enjoy our medicinal mineral water. We offer a range of services and spa treatments and adapt to each client's personal situation (anti-stress, relax, rebirthing ...) under the supervision of our medical team, if necessary.

We should note that it is NOT necessary to be hosted on Spa Hotel Vila de Caldes to enjoy the hot springs and all its properties. You can enjoy, for example, the thermal circuit every afternoon for 75 minutes and enjoy with neck thermal pools with waterfall, jacuzzis and vaporarium.


Cascade cervical
Broquetas Hotels Group offers both spa and its luxury apartments. Three complete environments for leisure and rest the most demanding customers.

Hotel Vila de Caldes makes its facilities available where you can benefit from more comprehensive treatments, always under the supervision of our medical team and enjoy the thermal baths and leisure.

The thermal water is one of the most natural medicinal resources used since antiquity and its therapeutic qualities are well known. With the passage of time and changing habits and attitudes, culture Health, the need to care for our bodies to survive the daily stress becomes thermal water in one of our best allies.

In this sense, own mineral water spring, flowing at 74 ° C, is a source of mineral wealth.

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Want to gift different and original?

Regal Hotel Caldes !!

We give you all the options:

Surprised with a very special gift, give a stay at our resort and spa treatments you want. Find hotel packages for all budgets and can complement all the additional services you like.

Bubble baths, chocolate massages, spa pool with waterfall neck, packages and circuits ... have a whole range of possibilities for gifts!

You can give specific dates or leave the dates open and enjoy throughout all the year. Select among all offers and services that are most interested in and send us a mail , we will send the detail of the book with a gift box, all customized to your personal touch. Or if you prefer, come in person, you will now.


Hostel of Angel
Hotel Vila de Caldas
Old Spa
Hotel Vila de Caldas
Spa Hotel Vila de Caldes is located in the historic center of the spa town of Caldes de Montbui. Since its foundation, the building became an important cultural center where artists as Manolo Hugue, Picasso, Miró and Mir met regularly for a chat.

The Spa was founded in 1680, when it acquired the mineral hot springs possessing medicinal. Since then he has always resort to the time you left obsolete by the new owners, the Campos family, they proceeded to total reconstruction, retaining the same style I had.

During the Olympic year 1992 was reopened after a complete reconstruction and became a modern hotel it is today. However, the original building has been preserved original façade on the upper floors, managing to combine it with modern interior design and carved details of the side walls.

Its modern appearance provides one of the distinguishing features compared to other resorts, but with the same quality services and technical Broquetas Group always offers its customers.

The building is located in the historic center of the village on the corner of the street "corredossos Low" and St. Peter Street, being the "corredossos" members of the walls of the town of Caldas, where there was a Entries Square Angel. The main entrance of the Hotel Villa de Caldas is the very place where, centuries ago, there was the old Angel Hotel. The resort currently has access to the same place but isolated from the environment by a beautifully designed garden with private access vehicles.

Hotel Vila de Caldes has 30 rooms, photo thermal baths, massage cabins, car body treatments and beauty, outdoor swimming pool, a garden with terrace and chill-out area, private parking, restaurant & Burg gin and tonic, reading room and TV area boutique coffee corner point, wi-fi, bikes, mountain bikes for excursions and lounges conditioning systems and equipped for seminars, banquets, cocktail parties and social events.

Hotel Villa de Caldas has been designed as a conference center, businesses, events, health and relaxation.

Major deals

    70.65 €
    Accommodation, thermal circuit, massage and breakfast for two nights
    83.80 €
    Accommodation, private spa, massage and breakfast from Friday to Sunday
    185.30 €
    2 days (1 night) with half board, spa and more, per person and night