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Our treatments
Depending on the treatment or chosen technique you will experience various experiences and sensations. That's why at Hotel & Spa Vila de Caldes we have proposed that you enjoy our mineral-medicinal waters. We offer a range of services and thermal treatments and adapt them to the personal situation of each client (anti-stress, relaxation, rebirthing ...).

It is necessary to indicate that it is NOT necessary to be lodged to be able to use the hot springs and their properties. You can enjoy, for example, every afternoon of the collective circuit and for 60 minutes have free access to the thermal pools with a cervical cascade, jacuzzis and steam room.

Treatment with thermal water

The thermal water of Caldes de Montbui is a more natural medicinal resources used since antiquity and their therapeutic qualities are well known. The need to care for our bodies to survive daily stress, thermal water becomes one of our best allies. In this sense, own mineral water spring that gushes at 74 ° C, is a source of mineral wealth.

2 thermal water treatment elective 28.00€
3 treatments thermal water elective 36.00€
4 thermal water treatment elective 40.00€
Thermal pool with bubbles (1 person)
Thermal pool with bubbles (2 people)
Thermal pool with waterfall cervical jets and bubbles (1 person)
Thermal pool with waterfall cervical jets and bubbles (2 people)
Jacuzzi (1 person)
Jacuzzi (2 persons)
Sauna (1 person)
Sauna (2 people)
Bath essences (1 person)
Bath essences (2 people)
Thermal shower